Sanja is among the most talented hair specialists from Croatia. After being part of numerous runways, Croatian C A Porter and training sessions with names such as Sassonn, Mahogany, Riki Rizzo, Tony&Guy and Lee Stafford she became part of the Subrina Professional team. Sanja has headed a great number of seminars, at which she excels both practically and theoretically. She is incredibly precise and detail oriented - both qualities essential for creating amazing hairstyles. Her knowledge and practical experience are always spiced up by a creative individual note, which makes her work an artful expression.

Rok is a fresh face who earned an important role in the Subrina Professional team with his creativity and passion for hairdressing. His career in the business world was changed for scissors, hair colour and stylers, that characterise a new challenge every day. He is distinguished by his is love for hairdressing, enthusiasm, willingness to work and learn, and above all the desire of passing forward his knowledge to all who share the same passion.

Rok joined the Subrina Professional group in 2010. His best qualities are incredible drive, ambition and love of working with hair. He's a real frontman on stage, and he makes audiences around the world excited about their craft. The hairstyles he creates are highly individual and polished. In his years of working as a hair stylist with well known hairdressing legends he's collected a variety of styles that have now combined in one unique personal expression.

Boris is the official Subrina Professional trainer for the Slovenian market, and also a stylist and creative head of Hair Spa Salon. With more than 10 years of experience in hair styling, he joined the Subrina team in 2010. He received his training and education in various academies from Belgium to Milan, and proved himself time and time again in runway shows. He's an indispensable part of the Subrina team, he enjoys himself immensely on stage and loves to share his knowledge with others. Boris is always full of energy, fun to be around and a great colleague.

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