Modi Antichi | 2019 Calendar

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Modi Antichi | 2019 Calendar

Our new 2019 calendar Modi Antichi was inspired by Italian Renaissance women and their stunning style. We decided to breathe life into the antique style, add a modern twist and showcase it in our 2019 calendar.

Renaissance was an important cultural movement in Europe. It began in Italy during the 14th century and soon spread throughout the rest of Europe. This era promoted rebirth of classical philosophy, literature and art. Plenty of artists and thinkers expressed new ideas through their works. Modi Antichi was a phrase used by 15th century writers and artists from Italy, that used it to describe their work. The literal translation is in the antique manner.

Italian Renaissance women had a great hair and dress style. They often wore plaited braids and decorative ribbons. What is more, their hair style depended on their marital status. If a woman was married, her hair would be tied up in braids and if she was single, her hair would be loose.


Hair: Sanja Karasman & Boris Dragan

Make-up: Maja Ašič

Styling: Tina Tanko

Photography: Klemen Razinger

Retouch: Ajda Horvat

Concept: Sanja Karasman

You can watch the video here:

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