New collection Roses are red

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New collection Roses are red

Roses are red, violets are blue. Which one are you?

Nowadays, you can be anything you want in the world. You shine in whatever colour you choose: you may be bold, daring and determined or subtle, quiet and gentle. It‘s up to you to find your colour and express it in the best way you know how. Every flower can be associated with different characteristics and types of personalities. We decided to transmit the magical shades of flowers into hair and create an entire collection. Fashion forecasts are predicting a bright year with fun possibilities of colours. Red is the main colour, followed by colourful pure shades. Hair: Sanja Karasman

Make-up: Maja Ašič

Styling: SCK Design by Sanja Karasman

Photography: Klemen Razinger

Retouch: Ajda Horvat

Concept: Sanja Karasman