Glance into the future with the Human+ Calendar

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Glance into the future with the Human+ Calendar

What do you think the future holds? Artificial intelligence? Advanced technology? Time travel? Parallel Universe? Speculations are endless.

Questions like these present the Human+ Calendar for 2018. The + symbol marks something more: an advanced human with robotic abilities and characteristics. Future trends will bring distorted images with mirror reflections. The futuristic base supports weightless and dynamic structures that combine everyday style. The desire to project oneself into the near future paves the way for novel aesthetics that blend experimentation and classicism, digital technologies and emotions, which create new visionary products. The idea for the calendar was inspired by the science fiction films such as AI, Her, Ex Machina, I, Robot, Teminator, Star Treck...

Official video:

Concept: Sanja Karasman

Hair: Sanja Karasman and Rok Klemenčič

Make up: Maja Ašič

Photography: Klemen Razinger

Styling: Sanja Karasman

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