The first Echoes Seminar

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The first Echoes Seminar

On Wednesday, November 8th, the first ever Echoes seminar took place in our studio. Its purpose was to present the new line to the participants and to show them firsthand how Echoes colours work.

Everything started with a short presentation of the products led by our Sanja (you can read more about the line here). The attendees learnt plenty information about the main ingredients and their benefits. After a brief theoretic introduction, the practical part arrived. Our irreplaceable Sanja Karasman, Boris Dragan and Rok Klemenčič, who compose the Subrina Professional Team, presented 7 models on the stage and coloured their hair with the new Echoes colours.

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Check out the gallery below to see the before/after photos, created during the seminar.

1. Formulas:

ECHOES 8/77 + 5,5% ECD (1:1)

ECHOES 8/77 + 2,5% ECD (1:2)

2. Formula:

ECHOES 9/45 + 11,5% ECD (1:1)