Spoted on behindthechair community

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Spoted on behindthechair community

Our team member Sanja Karasman entered to #ONESHOT Hair Awards contest and was published on behindthechair community with her gorgeous platinum-violet hairstyle created with our Senseo color.

As said from the behindthechair Sanja`s perfect platinum, infused with a gorgeous, deep violet caught their eye, so they published more detailed Step by Step information on color formula and technique she used. In her creative coloration she used 3 formulas to create a finished look as shown on the pictures below.


Formula A: Subrina Professional Gele Blanc Premium + 6% developer (1:2)

Formula B: equal parts Subrina Professional Senseo 10/2 (pearl blonde) + 10/6 (violet blonde) + 10/42 (champagne blonde) + 2 parts 1.9% developer

Formula C: 10 parts Senseo 10/2 (pearl blonde) + 1 part 2/2 (blue black) + 1.9% developer (1:2)


Interested in more detailed instructions, you can find more information about Step by Step on behindthechair web page.

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